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Student Council

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The Student Council provides a forum where students can discuss issues that affect them. 


Mission Statement 

Dundonald High School Council is elected by students and represents the views of the whole school community. They meet in the board room and report to the whole school regarding their work. 

Aims of School Council 

The aim of the school council is to have good relationships with the whole school community and work to make improvements in the school. It will also work to promote a happy, caring environment where the pupils' voice is heard. 

The election process 

The members of the Student Council are democratically elected by their peers at the beginning of the school year. Mrs McCullough supports the student council and offers advice and guidance where necessary. The Student Council is made up of two pupils from each year group, including the Head Boy and the Head Girl. 


Pupils have the opportunity to bring their ideas, views and concerns to the Council through their year representatives. Members of the council act as indicators of pupil opinion. They are spokespeople for the concerns of groups and individuals. The Student Council meets every four weeks. There are different 'teams' which are responsible for different areas. The Student Council builds confidence, independence and encourages pupils to strive for excellence in their school. Student Council members have the responsibility to be positive role models in the school.

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