Our Team


Senior Leadership Team

Heads of Year

Year 8 Form Teachers

Miss McCourt

8L Form Teacher

Miss Dickson

8H Form Teacher


Mr Maguire

8S Form Teacher

Year 9 Form Teachers

Year 10 Form Teachers

Mrs McCully

10L Form Teacher

Mr Lightbody

10H Form Teacher


Miss McGuinness

10S Form Teacher

Year 11 Form Teachers

Miss Quinn

11D Form Teacher

Mr McSteen

11N Form Teacher

Mr McCann

11A Form Teacher

Mr Dupree

11L Form Teacher

Ms Haggan

11H Form Teacher

Mr McLarnon

11S Form Teacher

Year 12 Form Teachers

Teaching Staff

Miss Barr

12D Form Teacher

Mr Armstrong

12N Form Teacher

Mrs Jardine

12A Form Teacher

Miss Campbell

12L Form Teacher

Ms Adair/Mrs Coulter

12H Form Teacher

Mrs Mawhinney

English Coordinator

Mr Irwin

Maths Coordinator

Mrs Davidson

Head of MFL

Mrs McGreevy

Teacher of Maths

Mr Mawhinney

Head of English

Mrs Deeney

Head of Maths

Mrs French

Teacher of Geography

Support Staff

Mrs Neill

Admin Staff

Mrs Ferguson

Admin Staff

Mrs Kitchen

Admin Staff

Mrs Sloan

Admin Staff


Mrs Jardine

Leader of Progress and Achievement

Mr Crowe

Leader of Teaching and Learning

Mrs McCullough

Leader of Pastoral Care


Mrs Bell

Leader of Communications

Mrs Armstrong


Mr Perry


Mrs Bird

Vice Principal


Mrs Fay

Head of Year 8

Mrs McKnight

Head of Year 9

Mr Neill

Head of Year 10


Mrs Johnston

Head of Year 11

Mrs Robinson

Head of Year 12

Mrs Matthews

9D Form Teacher

Mr Morrow

9N Form Teacher

Mr McDonagh

9A Form Teacher

Miss White

9L Form Teacher

Miss McKane

9H Form Teacher


Miss Hutchinson

9S Form Teacher

Miss Kelly

10D Form Teacher

Mr Fay

10N Form Teacher

Miss Bailie

10A Form Teacher

Mrs Murray

8D Form Teacher

Miss Nicholson

8N Form Teacher

Ms Paden

8A Form Teacher

Mr Wilson

IT Technician

Mr Turley

Technology Technician

Mr Tappin

Science Technician

Mrs McDade

HE Technician