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English Department

Mr Mawhinney - HOD
Mrs Mawhinney
Mrs Fay - Literacy Coordinator
Mr Morrow 
Miss McGuinness
Mr Hamilton

Maths Department

Mrs Deeney - HOD
Mrs Jardine
Mr Irwin - Numeracy Coordinator
Mr Fay 
Mrs McGreevey
Ms Bird - Vice Principal

Science Department

Miss Dickson - HOD, STEM Coordinator
Mrs Bell - Leader of Progress and Attainment
Mrs McCullough - Leader of Pastoral Care 
Mr McCann
Mrs McKnight - Head of Year 10
Miss Craig 
Mr Tappin - Technician

Art Department

Mrs Hutchinson - HOD
Ms Comerford 

Business Studies and ICT Department

Mr McSteen - HOD
Mr Neill - Leader of Careers Education
Miss Quinn - Head of Year 12 

Careers Department

Mr Neill - Leader of Careers Education 

Geography Department

Mrs Murray - HOD
Mrs French

History Department

Miss Bailie - HOD
Mrs Fay

Home Economics and Hospitality Department

Mrs Burns - HOD, Head of Year 11
Miss McGoldrick
Miss Quinn - Head of Year 12

Modern Foreign Languages Department

Mrs Davidson - HOD
Miss McKane

Music Department

Mrs Adair - HOD
Mrs Coulter
Miss Barr

PE Department

Mr Lightbody - HOD
Mrs Robinson - Leader of Communication
Mr Maguire
Miss Logan

Technology Department

Mr Armstrong - HOD
Mr Crowe - Leader of Teaching and Learning 
Mr Harrison


Mrs McCully - HOD
Mrs Armstrong - SENCO
Mrs Irwin
Ms White
Mr Roulston

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