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Subjects Areas

Academics: Section Title
Old World Map


Mrs J Murray - Dept. Head

Mrs C French

Egyption Statue


Miss R Bailie - Dept. Head

Mrs A Fay

Academics: Services
Art Class

Art and Design

Miss T Hutchison - Dept. Head

Ms J Comerford

Business Meeting

Business studies

Mr K McSteen - Dept. Head

Mr A Neill 

Miss M Quinn


Mr Neill - Dept. Head


English, Drama and Media

Mr B Mawhinney - Dept. Head
Mrs K Mawhinney

Mrs A Fay

Mr R Morrow

Miss D McGuinness

Mr C Hamilton


Home Economics, Patisserie and Hospitality

Mrs L Johnston - Dept. Head

Miss M Quinn

Miss C McGoldrick

Chef Dish


Mr K McSteen - Dept. Head
Mr A Neill

Miss M Quinn

Students Typing at Their Computers
Math Formulas


Mrs C Deeney - Dept. Head
Mrs R Jardine

Mr G Irwin

Mr J Fay

Mrs N McGreevy

Ms R Bird

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs J Davidson - Dept. Head

Miss K McKane

Music and Performance

Mrs G Adair - Dept. Head

Mrs K Coulter

Miss A Barr

Sheet Music and Guitar

Princes Trust

Miss A Campbell - Dept. Head

Mr J Dupree

Mr S Lightbody

Taking Notes
Running Shoes

Physical Education and Sport

Mr S Lightbody  - Dept. Head

Mrs A Robinson

Mr P Maguire

Miss A Logan

Buddha Statue

Religious Education

Mrs L Thompson - Dept. Head
Mrs H Armstrong

Science and Horticulture

Miss J Dickson- Dept. Head

Mrs L Bell

Mrs J McKnight

Mr M McCann

Mrs C McCullough

Miss S Craig


Technology, Carpentry and Joinery and Product Design

Mr S Armstrong - Dept. Head

Mr A Crowe

Mr J Harrison

Mr D Kennedy

Carpenter Cutting Wood
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