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Doing Homework

All students are supplied with a Student Planner. This is used to record any homework set and also contains useful information for students and parents. This should be signed every week and shown to the student's Form Teacher.


It is an important vehicle for communication between parents and staff. A homework timetable is drawn up to ensure a spread of homework over the week. Students can use the school's computer facilities and the Homework Club provided by the extended Schools Programme to complete homework.


At Key Stage 4 our committed staff also provide coursework classes and additional tuition after school hours in many subject areas. If there is no formal homework set by teachers at KS4 it is assumed that students are using this time to prepare notes and revision from their lessons.

Please use the links below to find our Homework Timetable.

KS3 Homework Timetable
KS4 Homework Timetable
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