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Work Experience

Work experience is time spent in a workplace learning about a company, career sector, or a specific job role.  This means it can offer students an excellent hands-on experience that will help bulk up their CVs, help with Post-16 application forms and job applications.


At Dundonald High School students are afforded the opportunity of completing a face to face work experience placement for a week in September of Year 12.

Students are responsible for finding their own placements. School has provided guidance as to how to do this. All information on work experience can be found on the Year 12 Careers Google Classroom. 


The most efficient way of finding work experience is for students to initially target family networks before contacting suitable local employers.  An email/letter template for contacting businesses is available on Google Classroom as well as in their work placement booklets. 

The process for the students finding their own placements is as follows.

  1. Student signs and returns the Work Experience Code of Conduct (inside work experience booklets) and parent returns the Parental Consent form.

  2. Students must get the Work Experience forms, WE1, WE2, WE3, WE4 and WE5 signed by the employer.

  3. Students must get a copy of the employers Liability Insurance - Work Placement cannot take place without this. 

  4. All forms must be returned to Mr Neill before the end of Term for Placements to be agreed. 

  5. Students should contact employers the week before placement to reintroduce themselves and ask about any special arrangements for work placement. 

All students will be visited by a member of staff during their Work Experience. To accommodate this they must fill out the personal information form including an up to date mobile number so they can be contacted by school during work placement. 

If a student is sick during their Work Experience, they must contact School and the Employer to inform them of the absence. 

For any further questions please contact Mr Neill. 

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