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Important dates for your diary 2022/2023

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Bring IT On

Some of our superb girls at The Bring IT On event in Clayton Hotel. They had the opportunity to talk to and hear from professionals in the tech industry about career opportunities for women in STEM.

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24 mag

I am so happy I got to be a school prefect this year and got to help other pupils achieve their goals and dreams. I am so glad I got the experience this year to show other pupils they can do it and believe in themselves a bit more. I just want to say a big thank u to Mr Perry for making the school the best it can be I have always looked up to my teachers and my principal in school thank u so much for helping me and making me come out and shine this year ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Mi piace

29 mag 2023

I love this school so much and could’ve of picked a better school than the one I go to right now the teachers and principal are lovely and there for everyone ❤️

Mi piace
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